in your face

The power of portraiture

 In Your Face is the title of a series of community activities designed to promote dialog of social justice through expressions of portraiture.  The haunting, century old mug-shot images found in Bruce Jackson’s book, Pictures from a Drawer, Prison and The Art of Portraiture inspired local artist, Lori Loveberry-George to capture the desperation in their faces with her masterful drawing skill.  She humanizes the convicts in each portrait, causing a dialogue most people try to avoid. 

This show is more than an art exhibit.  The portraits raise many poignant questions and conversations, setting off the In Your Face event format.  Bruce Jackson joins the show with lectures, documentary viewing, a formal conversation with community educators and professionals in Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, Healthcare, and Art, and displays his photography at the reception and gallery exhibit.

In Your Face Art Exhibit Opening Reception is designed to entertain and educate through a schedule of diverse art disciplines.  Local performer, Bruce Segal will present an introduction to Peace Education Program (PEP), A Prison and Correctional Facility Program designed by The Prem Rawat Foundation.  This project is currently being facilitated at Sarasota County Jail.

Kahlil Almustafa from California will perform his poetry and sing with the local music group, James Varnado Funk Band.  During Kahlil’s stay in Sarasota, he will visit local grade schools to deliver his education program, “helping young people express themselves through performance poetry”.

Interest in this topic has led to organizing an Art Therapy pilot program for Project 180, a foundation dedicated to reintegrate former offenders into community life.  A portion of the money from sales of Lori and Pam’s art will be donated to Project 180.

Each event in this series is open to the public, and represented in three counties, Sarasota, Manatee and St Petersburg, Florida.  It is being documented by Moetronics film crew, and will be submitted to air on PBS.